Clini-Ox 5L Oxygen Concentrator

Our Clini-Ox Oxygen Concentrator means that you no longer have to rely on compressed gas cylinders for your supply of oxygen.

This alternative unit gives you an unlimited supply of oxygen at a significantly lower cost without compromising animal safety.

Powered from a normal 230 volt, 50 HZ electrical supply, the Clini-Ox will deliver a continuous flow of oxygen which is adjustable from 0.5 to 5 litres/min.

It is easy to operate, very quiet and delivers high concentrations of oxygen over the whole flow range. The average power consumption of the concentrator is approximately 280 watts so the cost of oxygen is only around 3.5 p/ hour.

It is quite simply a more economical way of providing oxygen so it is no longer necessary to rely on bulky cylinders and bear the high cost and inconvenience of their rental and delivery.

The Clini-Ox can be used with your existing anaesthesia equipment, to provide oxygen therapy to your animals when required.

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