Airdecon 200

  • 200m3 capacity.
  • System ensures the device does not start or automatically stops running if movement is detected and triggers an alarm.
  • Ozone generation and detection.
  • Humidity sensor.
  • 7.5% Hydrogen Peroxide (HP 75).
  • RFID modules ensure that only authorized/recognized containers can be inserted.
  • Calibrated temperature sensor triggers an alarm when temperature exceeds 50°C.
  • Clear warning lights show operators when decontamination is in preparation.
  • 5 to 8 µm particle size.
  • Filtering of all disinfectant to avoid the risk of nozzle blockage and disinfectant contamination.
  • No pump, no liquid pressure sensor installed.
  • HP 75 stored in sealed and ready-to-use containers.
  • No risk of leakage or accidental spillage (safe for operator).

The Airdecon™ 200 is a Whole Room Decontamination System (WRDS), providing professionals with a highly effective means of Infection Prevention & Control. The Airdecon 200™ delivers a dry mist of Ozone and Hydrogen Peroxide for decontaminating air and surfaces. It is fitted with a unique diffusion principle that allows the disinfectant to be in contact, by displacement, with surfaces being treated, including those which appear inaccessible.

The device is fitted with a complex dynamic dispersal system, including a fluid vaporising system and an embedded ozone generator, all together linked to an HCI (Human Computer Interface). Used in conjunction with Amity HP 75 (H202) or peroxone (03+H2O2). It is a fully automated system.

For room decontamination, just roll it in place. Simple and quick, keeps your facility working. Area decontamination equipment like no other!

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