Downflow Benches

Containment at the Work Surface

The Clinipath range of free-standing Downflow Benches offer an unrivalled level of operator protection and ease of installation.

Utilising the latest technology in Activated Carbon and/or HEPA filtration, the Downflow Benches can be used for a wide range of applications for the containment of chemical fumes and airborne particulates.

The majority of Clinipath Downflow benches are manufactured to bespoke designs as there are so many variations and personal requirements. We are more than happy to meet with you at your facility to discuss requirements or make recommendations for the optimal system to suit individual requirements.

Recirculating or Ducted

The tables can be designed to be either recirculating utilising activated carbon filtration, or can be ducted direct to the atmosphere or ducted units can include HEPA filters to protect the ducting system, dependent upon the individual requirements.

Our downflow systems offer an unequalled high standard; both in build and design construction. Offering excellent operator protection and hazard containment, along with proven capabilities in the field resulting in durable and long lasting equipment.

A variety of options are available on the majority of designs including;

• Electro mechanical height adjustment providing 300mm vertical range
• Solvent collection / dispensing systems
• Hot and cold water supplies
• Ventilated sink
• Overhead lighting systems
• Dissection microscope mounting systems
• Removable and interchangeable work surfaces for individual cut up boards etc

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