P.A.C. System

Pre Anaesthesia Culling System

The P.A.C.System is a new innovative development designed in conjunction with various research facilities and suitable for Schedule 1 use.

The system is designed to remove all distress during the euthanasia of rodents, this system uses the animals own Home Cage to supply a rising concentration of CO2/O2 and Isoflurane Gases.

Up to four cages can be inserted at once with proximity sensors to determine how many cages are being used.

A standard set up may be to the automatic cycle as follows:

- Introduction of CO2/O2 and Isoflurane Mix
- Introduction of CO2
- Dwell Period
- Removal of all gases through an Activated Carbon filter

  • Can suit any manufacturers standard IVC Cage.
  • Configured for any set up using CO2 only, CO2 and O2 or CO2, O2 and an anaesthetic agent.
  • Touch screen controls for easy use.
  • Auto locking doors for safety.
  • Pre-set cycles and flow rates set to user choice.
  • CE Marked.
  • Can use piped or cylinder gases.
  • Fully Mobile.

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