Warming Chamber

All chambers are manufactured from high quality white perspex with red tinted panels for easy access and viewing of your animals during studies. A built-in “whisper” fan produces a low level sound that is comforting to the animals. The side and top panels have been designed with vent holes for consistent air circulation. A superior method of warming when needed for blood pressure measurements and post operative care.

Our warming chambers do not supply direct heat in any way as with other methods – overhead heating platforms or blowers that supply heat directly onto animals causing thermostress and the possibility of animal loss are nonexistent with the Clinipath CliniWarm. supplying a low noise, consistent, comfortable environment to your research animals.


  • Filtered Air (HEPA Grade)
  • Red tinted Viewing panels
  • Pre set high temperature at 38*C (adjustable)
  • Easy lid access with gas struts
  • Side panel and lid holes for even temperature
  • Digital temperature display
  • Easy to Clean
  • CE Marked

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